URL Slugs and Permalinks

Page Titles, URL Slugs, and Permalinks are all handled differently depending on your platform. If you’re running a WordPress site, they surprisingly confuse permalinks and URL slugs. Permalinks are the permanent URL part of the post or the page, which actually includes a domain name, whereas a URL slug is just the title of the […]

Can Website Source Code Affect Your Search Results?

Did you know that the quality of your website code can determine your search results? Google grades your structure and code proficiency. What that means are the sections designated within your website. The coding capabilities of the people who develop or maintain your site are being evaluated and compared to other sites. There are little […]

How To Gather Competitive Online Business Intelligence

Generally speaking, there are a couple kinds of competition online when you’re trying to win the search engine race. The key is understanding what kind of competition you’re up against. Some people have started their business almost by accident. They had an idea and then they started building it out over many years and they […]

Getting Maximum Results From Your SEO

How well do you know your customers? How well do you know the visitors to your website? One thing that people don’t do enough of, in my opinion, is researching the people who visit their website. Today I’m challenging you to find out as much as you can about the people who are visiting your […]

Optimizing Photo Filenames For Search Results

How you name your files can actually affect your SEO efforts. A lot of people don’t realize that when you transfer photos from your camera or download them from stock photography sites, that they have a generic name, like a DSC0001.jpg or shutterstock4789028357.jpg. What you name your photos actually matters in search results. Even more […]

Keywords in Domain Names

People often ask whether keywords are essential when registering domain names. At one point, it was advantageous to have keywords in your domain name for ranking in search results, but Google no longer considers it as a factor. However, there are still many good reasons for picking a domain name that has a good keyword […]

Why Keyword Research Is Important

Today I’m answering one of the most frequently asked questions among small business owners. That is why keyword research is essential. And there are five reasons. The first is to establish the actual market value of a keyword. A lot of businesses get started because people do it backward. They have something that they want […]

Internal Linking Above The Fold

A likely problem that could be frustrating if you’re a new webmaster is getting Google and the search engines to crawl the pages on your website. And what happens is that when you launch a new website, Google’s not sure why they should care. They’re going to crawl the site, but they’re not going to […]

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