Keywords in Domain Names

People often ask whether keywords are essential when registering domain names. At one point, it was advantageous to have keywords in your domain name for ranking in search results, but Google no longer considers it as a factor. However, there are still many good reasons for picking a domain name that has a good keyword […]

Getting Google’s Attention

When you own a website, one of the biggest struggles that you’re going to have is getting Google to pay attention to you. Most of the websites that we build, unless it’s a hot trending topic that you’re blogging about or a product that has a massive ad campaign, can be challenging to get Google […]

Maximize Adwords Profits With Retargeting

Previously I’ve been talking about making money through search engine optimization and if you’re a new business that requires a lot of patience. In my past videos and blog posts, I’ve mentioned that it can take months in order to start showing up in search results, and even then, I am recommending that you write […]

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