Keywords in Domain Names

People often ask whether keywords are essential when registering domain names. At one point, it was advantageous to have keywords in your domain name for ranking in search results, but Google no longer considers it as a factor. However, there are still many good reasons for picking a domain name that has a good keyword […]

Why Keyword Research Is Important

Today I’m answering one of the most frequently asked questions among small business owners. That is why keyword research is essential. And there are five reasons. The first is to establish the actual market value of a keyword. A lot of businesses get started because people do it backward. They have something that they want […]

SEO & Expert Keyword Phrases

Today I talk about expert status, Google and how you show up in search results. In my new book Search Profits, which will be available soon, we talk about solving problems for people instead of search engines. If you solve problems for people, you’re going to be getting more traffic and more referrals to your […]

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