Backlinks to Backlinks

When we discuss backlinks, there’s an advanced strategy that needs to be covered called backlinking to backlinks. And this is something that Google doesn’t like. Google considers it to be a pyramid scheme. When you want to increase the value of the backlinks that you have, what you’re doing is you’re creating backlinks to those. […]

Link Building Velocity

Today I share a couple of essential factors about link building. As you know, Google cares about reputation and trust, and over the years, website owners have learned that Google determines a significant amount about your website through the backlinks to your site. For over a decade, website owners have been trying to build as […]

Getting Google’s Attention

When you own a website, one of the biggest struggles that you’re going to have is getting Google to pay attention to you. Most of the websites that we build, unless it’s a hot trending topic that you’re blogging about or a product that has a massive ad campaign, can be challenging to get Google […]

E-commerce Results With Rich Snippets

Today’s tip is underutilized by most businesses and website owners. It’s rich snippets. The eCommerce sites I operate for customers that rank on the first page of Google, one of the top methods for getting them there, was implementing a review system. A lot of review systems don’t support rich snippets, but rich snippets are […]

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