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Page Titles, URL Slugs, and Permalinks are all handled differently depending on your platform. If you’re running a WordPress site, they surprisingly confuse permalinks and URL slugs. Permalinks are the permanent URL part of the post or the page, which actually includes a domain name, whereas a URL slug is just the title of the post, page, category or a tag of some kind. So WordPress does confuse these two.

You should be use descriptive slugs in your articles or your posts, because this is what’s going to make a difference in search results. The more specific you can be, the more you’re going to be showing up solving a very particular problem. And it’s very difficult to show up at first for broad keywords or phrases.

If you’re a local electrician or plumber, and you’re a brand new shop, it would be better if you were writing articles titled “how to upgrade my electrical service” or “how to install efficient lighting in my home.” Something that people are going to be very specifically searching for. Those are examples of slugs that you can use for a post, page title or for different services that you offer in a bulleted list linking to a separte page. That’s really a strategy for showing up in search results – creating content harmony between what’s on the page and the advice you’re offering or the solution you’re giving, and the page title.

Also you want to be using hyphens instead of underscores and spaces. Try not to use punctuation in page titles and headings. WordPress will substitute hyphens automatically but other platforms may not.

Think of your URL slugs and permalinks as an extra place to make your URL relevant to what people are searching for, and make them easy to read. Remember that the URL is visible in many places including search results and most online advertisements. So take care creating your permalinks to make sure they are compatible and effective everywhere they will show up.

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