Getting Maximum Results From Your SEO

How well do you know your customers? How well do you know the visitors to your website?

One thing that people don’t do enough of, in my opinion, is researching the people who visit their website. Today I’m challenging you to find out as much as you can about the people who are visiting your site, the people who don’t register, or buy anything.

What can you tell about their demographics? Can you identify who the people are? Can you capture their names or their email addresses without them giving them to you? Can you tell where people came from? What were they looking at before they came to your website? These are the things that are critical to you—being able to maximize the traffic that comes to your site through your SEO efforts.

The more you know about the people who are coming to the site, the better content you can create. You can have better conversions and improved ranking because you’ll be giving them content that they are looking for. You’ll be giving them solutions that they need. That means that more people clicking on your search results are going to be satisfied with what they’re getting. That information is going to get kicked back to the search engines, right?

Something that you can do that would maximize your SEO efforts is to install a Facebook Pixel or Alexa tracking code. With Facebook, you can set up retargeting campaigns, but you can also gather some insights into who the people are and identify their interests. If you haven’t done that yet, it’s something that you should be taking a look at.

Alexa will also tell you more information about people, their age where they’re coming from. And you might even be able to identify other websites that people visit and that they like using the audience overlap tool. These are vital pieces of information because the better, you know, the people who are going to the site, the better you’ll be able to address that audience specifically. There are other ways that you can also track information about the visitors to find out what magazine subscriptions they have, what TV shows they watch, etc. If you look into these other resources and see what you can discover from your website traffic, you’re going to see the untapped value. You can create a clear image of who the visitor is that you’re targeting, who buys from you, and how to get more of your best customers.

If you can laser focus your target audience and get a clear picture of this person, the better you’re going to be able to multiply the success of your business. Finding a specific type of buyer is what makes websites successful. When you have a broad audience or vague target, you’re not going to reach as many people because you don’t know what’s on the mind of the person who’s visiting. When your marketing is too broad, there is too much surface area that you have to cover.

To get a bullseye with your SEO targeting, you have to know as much as possible about the people clicking your search results. It will all circle and boost your search results. The more you understand the people that you’re serving, the better you will thrive.

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